Vulnerable is not a four-letter word.

There is nothing more humbling than pouring your heart out in your first blog, deliriously editing and re-reading it, pressing “save,” and then… being told by an error message that “you are unqualified to edit this message.”  How honest is that?  I am unqualified to edit this message.  When a friend suggested to me that it might be worthwhile to blog about my experience as a seminary student, advocate, person-who-does-too-much, and lover-of-God, my first thought was that there was no way I would ever have anything to share, let alone edit.  But then I thought about it… I’m not the only one who’s supposed to be shaping this experience, or this message.  If I, or anyone, walks a path alone – whether professional or personal or religious – we do so at risk to ourselves.  So, I hope you’ll travel with me as I move down this road.  Challenge me, reflect with me, offer your own story and thoughts.  I won’t promise coherence; I can’t promise brilliance.  But I do promise a spirit of openness.  So here I go, unqualified to edit this message but willing to listen.



  1. Helen Said:

    Congratulations on your first ever posting! Don’t think for a second that you are alone in this journey – we’re all here right along with you.


  2. Julienne Long Said:

    I’m glad your blog is proclaming itself or yourself as ‘wandering”. I’ve been feeling a lot like the Scare Crow from THE WIZARD OF OZ lately. The whole “maybe it’s that way, or this way” I am finding myself standing still a lot not knowing which direction to go or what to do next. It is that whole overwhelming feeling I know you know all too well. I will enjoy taking this journey with you, beside you, behind you, leading you, whatever you need. God really had his creative wheel turning when he made you. I know he smiles, laughs, and cries with you. Hopefully I can be that tangible person you can do that with. He knows you are that person for me. Loving you…

  3. Jeff Said:

    Brilliant! Out of the mouths of babes has become almost a cliche. The most humble offering the greatest wisdom is something most learn in time. But for a computer program to be prophetic, that one blows me away! Your comments are raw, coherent, and deeper than you give yourself credit for. Editing your comments – please don’t. I’ll take the raw eloquence and broad feeling any day. There is much greater depth to your words than you realize.

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