Raising a glass to the end of buzzwords.

Around this time tomorrow, there is a 100% chance that half of the people I know will be angry, hurt, and disappointed and the other half will be gleeful, hopeful, unsure of what to do next, and smug.  Which half is which of course depends on which presidential candidate finally managed to fight his way into the Oval Office.  I, of course, have an opinion about who would make a better president, but how I’ll vote doesn’t really matter.  What really makes a difference is how I’ll act when I find out who has won, either as a “winner” or as a “loser.”  I see two traditional choices: bitterness or condescension.  The trouble is, we tend not to open ourselves up to the other options, do we?  What is it about picking sides that leads us rather to claim a position and then harden ourselves to any other perspective?  I simply hope that we can be kind to one another after tomorrow’s election gets sorted out, that we’ll be able to listen to our friends and famiy, acquaintances and strangers, whether they are dealing with disappointment or joy.  One thing I do know about November 5… we all have to continue to live together, no matter the outcome.  Let’s agree to disagree in love.

Here’s a prayer for the upcoming days as we move forward together as a nation:

A prayer for the U.S. presidential election
Break down walls of political partisanship
by The Rev. Kenneth Carter Jr.

Creator of us all:
you are the source of every blessing,
the judge of every nation
and the hope of earth and heaven.

We pray to you on the eve of this important and historic election.

We call to mind the best that is within us:
That we live under God,
that we are indivisible,
that liberty and justice extend to all.

We acknowledge the sin that runs through our history as a nation:
The displacement of native peoples, racial injustice,
economic inequity, regional separation.

And we profess a deep and abiding gratitude
for the goodness of ordinary people who have made sacrifices,
who have sought opportunities,
who have journeyed to this land as immigrants
and strengthened its promise in successive generations,
who have found freedom on these shores,
and defended this freedom at tremendous cost.

Be with us in the days that are near.

Remind us that your ways are not our ways,
that your power and might transcend
the plans of every nation,
that you are not mocked.

Let those who follow your Son Jesus Christ be a peaceable people in the midst of division.

Send your Spirit of peace, justice and freedom upon us,
break down the walls of political partisanship,
and make us one.

Give us wisdom to walk in your ways,
courage to speak in your name,
and humility to trust in your providence.


Editor’s note: Copyright 2008 by Kenneth H. Carter Jr., pastor of Providence United Methodist Church, Charlotte, North Carolina. Published by the General Board of Discipleship of The United Methodist Church.  Source.



  1. Todd Clark Said:

    I’m in the former group. 😦

  2. honeywasp Said:

    Considering you’re in the “former group,” I wonder how you’re seeing people’s reactions to the election. What sorts of things are you thinking about what people are saying and how they’re responding to the way things went? Have you been surprised, encouraged, discouraged?

  3. Todd Clark Said:

    Hmmm…. I can’t say I noticed a lot of response from individuals. I was trying myself just to forget the whole thing. TV and radio, of course, covered the results. But people I see day to day, not anything I really observed. I had gone to bed Tuesday night at 10:40 or so and later I heard people outside aways off whooping and heard some fireworks. Ugh, I thought. But kind of funny-odd too. For an election? I thought. But I was dreading the response the next days amongst people I see, but nothing really, which was something of a (welcome, considering) surprise.

    I did notice, while at Tip Top after work on Thursday, on CNN Headline News, a LONG story with the tag line, “Did Sarah Palin act like a diva?” The very next one when I looked up again was “Woman Goes into Labor at Obama Chicago Rally” with darling pictures of her baby. At the juxtaposition, I thought, Really? Are you serious? This would be Exhibit A in the case for media bias (which I’m not personally sold on)!

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