#13: What in your life is not for sale?

***This is the thirteenth of a series of posts based on a book I’m reading for a class called Connections in Religious and Ecological Education entitled Holy Ground: A Gathering of Voices on Caring for Creation. The chapter is “What In Your Life is Not for Sale?” by Allen Johnson, coordinator of Christians For the Mountains.

What in your life is not for sale? Perhaps for money, certainly… but perhaps you aren’t motivated by money.  What in your life is not for sale, what are you not able and or willing to sell for the sake of your pride?  Your convenience?  Your hope for the future of your children?  Maybe its a sense of need to believe in goodness that you’re willing to sacrifice anything to maintain.  I confess, when I’m deeply honest, I’m not sure what’s not for sale in my own life. At times, I’ve transacted deals against my own values, against my integrity, against my reputation, against my emotional, physical, or spiritual well-being.  Not to excuse, but that’s being human.  Unfortunately, it’s not the way Jesus asks me to live.  The problem is, and I know I’m not alone in this, I’m pretty good at justification… if it’s for a “greater good,” do the ends justify the means?  Jesus reminded his followers that their lives were of no value if their souls were lost in the saving.  This seems pretty straightforward, until we have to make decisions about how to live, what saving our own lives looks like in the real world where we have to live everyday.  What in our lives is not for sale, and why?


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