A drop of golden sun.

My sister-in-law connected me with this video today, and as I watched it, I immediately thought about church.  Some context.  This morning’s Annual Conference worship had a speaker who focused on the theme for the year, which is developing leadership.  Lots of things could be brought out of that conversation, but the thing that struck me was the idea that people want an invitation, a calling, not a job.  They want to find the place where their unique way of being in the world intersects with the world’s need, and they want to share it.

I watched this video and thought about this, especially that first guy who steps out into the middle of that bustling train station, takes his place in the middle, and breaks into joyous dance.  He knew why he was there, even if the other people didn’t.  Then, a little girl joins him, then a woman… until everyone watching realizes that there is a place for nearly every single person in that place to participate.  That first guy, he just disappears into the crowd of dancers as more and more people join in.  He’s not a leader in the sense of the word that we use in corporate America.  But he leads.  The group grows and the edges expand until even those who weren’t “officially” a part of the dance start to dance… rocking and clapping together.   You can tell they want to be a part of it, that energy.  Some of them, the real travelers, those who had never rehearsed before, participate by learning the moves, improv.  It’s beautiful and organic.  It’s lovely, energetic… leaders and followers melting together while a larger story unfolds and becomes irresistable.

So, the church and a question, for myself mainly.  Can we create spaces for worship and mission where this dance is the model?  Where, with just a few rehearsals and a spirit of life and fun and community, we make a place that is so inviting that people are willing to a) lead in the role of serving the larger goal, not to be in the spotlight and b) risk following even when it may mean feeling foolish for the sake of the entire community and being a part of something generous and extravagantly joyous? Can we let people join in when and where and how they are called, and encourage that energy through our presence, our expectation, our courage, our patience, and our openness?

What does that mean for how we’re thinking now?  How I’m doing ministry today?  What do I need to change?  And who’s willing to dance?


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