Front porch of the Kingdom.

I spent today painting windows and doors at a mission outpost in Cleveland.  Work camp, basically. The five of us who worked on those three windows and two doors for five hours weren’t superstar construction workers or even all that coordinated.  We weren’t exactly what you would call, “handpicked for success.”  One of us was really short.  One was not about to go on a ladder for money.  Three were blind.  But we painted and laughed and talked about the Obama administration and health reform and made jokes (mostly blind jokes… One, I admit was pretty bad and included singing the song “Three Blind Painters” to the tune of “Three Blind Mice.”  That got booed down pretty quickly) and told stories to one another.

And I kept thinking about how easy it is to write off one another because we size ourselves and everybody else up in one glance or one sentence and *know* everything there is to know about them in an instant.  And how alot of the time I assume God needs a particular type of person in order to build the Kingdom.  And how this is just plain wrong, if not sinful thinking.

And I couldn’t stop thinking about how eyes are the windows to the soul and that those windows we were painting, this motley crew, were windows onto the soul of God’s Kingdom.  How those doors were opening onto the porch of the Kingdom and inviting people in.  They were simply doors to rooms full of paint supplies and construction materials and those windows merely let in some light on our little breakfast room at the mission… but even five hours of work painting in a basement for the sake of a corner in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, builds the Kingdom.  It does.  Especially when in the process we get four new friends with whom I never would have spent a whole Saturday morning and afternoon, with whom I had the privilege of being thrown together, covered in paint drips and mixed up hinges and a seeing-eye dog named, of all things, Esther.

God, you’ve got to be kidding me.



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  1. Hilna Said:

    So pretty! 🙂

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