What if being pro-life meant something radically different?

I got hit in the face with a fact this week that’s been really bothering me.  In 1998 in developing countries, about 130 million eligible kids out of a total 625 million did not attend primary school, and half of them were girls.  The relationship between girls being in school and infant mortality rate is shockingly strong: a 10% increase (just 10%!) in girls’ primary school enrollment would decrease infant mortality by four babies in a thousand.

Okay, so let me say that another way:  just putting more girls in school would save thousands of babies a year.  Thousands.

And Christians are worried about abortion?  It seems like if we really want to be compassionate, to save lives, to be pro-life… then there is a very easy answer.  Educate girls.

But that’s if the question of pro-life versus pro-choice really is about saving lives.  I wonder if it is.


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