Not a spring chicken, unless its head’s been cut off.

During the next few months (105 days, actually, but who’s counting down to graduation?), I’ll be writing much more often.  Originally, this blog started out as an exploration of my experiences, personal and professional, between the relationship between social justice and spirituality.  As I’ve continued to return to it, it’s become part of my spiritual discipline… part of my work, but also part of my daily devotions.  Now, this semester, it seems that it will become central to my academic life, as well.  As part of a number of classes I’m now taking, including Connections in Religious and Ecological Education, Human Trafficking as a Contemporary Moral Issue, and (the glorious) Julian of Norwich, I’m required to journal about readings we’re engaging, as a project for self-care, and as personal reflection.  Considering the amount of writing this is, I figure I’ll simply share those reflections here.  While all of these subjects come from different corners of the educational world, they seem in an odd way to intersect, almost organically, with what I’ve already explored and will continue to struggle with.  So, welcome to my spring semester.  You’ll probably learn more about my process than you ever wanted to know.  Welcome to watching me integrate modern slavery, ecology, and 14th century mystics while juggling the rest of what’s been in my head this year.


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